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What is The Mucoid Plaque?

/What is The Mucoid Plaque?
What is The Mucoid Plaque? 2018-06-14T20:47:08-08:00

What is the Mucoid Plaque | 3 Day Cleanse | So Easy Cleanse

Mucoid plaque (also known as chronic feces) is created when the body produces mucus to protect itself from potentially toxic substances. Mucoid plaque acts as a health threat by reducing the absorption of nutrients, impairing digestion, providing a haven for parasitic microorganisms, behaving as a reservoir of toxins, promoting the development of cancer, causing skin conditions and allergies, and reducing bowel transit time. The average person has 10-20 pounds of this toxic mucoid plaque (See Image Below).

mucoid plaque
  • The 3 Day So Easy Colon Cleanse is the ONLY cleanse on the market that removes the mucoid plaque in only 3 days.
  • It does this by using a patented fiber found in NO other product on the market called oil palm trunk fiber.
  • This fiber penetrates the mucoid plaque, lubricates the colon wall and the mucoid plaque just “slips” out effortlessly.
  • This is how it works in just 3 days – please read our verifiable testimonials on how people lose up to 20 pounds in just 3 days.
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