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Testimony from a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

/Testimony from a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist
Testimony from a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist 2018-06-07T15:20:12-07:00

Dear Bryant,

I just wanted to document my testimony to this wonderful 3 Day Cleanse Product, which I consider to be a true and wonderful gift of health. Although my work has changed since then due to life changes, about seven years I ago I was a practicing colon hydrotherapist — someone who, with gentle water irrigations, helps to rid the body of impacted fecal matter thereby rejuvenating the body’s innate capability for healing and cleansing. It is my opinion and that of many other health practitioners that our body will stay healthy and strong when given the right foods, life styles, and kept clean inside and out. Keeping that tube clean, which runs down through the middle of us, is so primary to our good health. I truly believe death begins in the colon.

Prior to doing your 3 Day Cleanse in May, I was doing an intestinal cleanse every 6 months using a product that I thought was very good, along with a parasite cleanse, but I started to notice stronger than unusual feelings of indigestion, fatigue and weight gain. I was definitely not feeling as energized as I used to.

I originally purchased a 3 day cleanse from you after viewing your website and talking with you over the phone. I had no problem following the instructions, although I did feel fatigued and had some cleansing reactions — nothing I couldn’t handle or that deterred me from completing this cleanse. I wanted to know if it was as effective as what I had read.

I have to tell you – I was astounded by what came out of me while doing the 3 Day Cleanse. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I had that much impacted fecal matter inside me. Also surprising, was that my other cleanse practices apparently hadn’t been working as well as I thought.


Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine
I had that much impacted fecal matter…


On the 2nd day, I passed loads of mucous clumps (opaque and white) — one the size of a small egg! Because this product works from the esophagus down, I assume much of this was from the stomach or small intestine… and it definitely should not have been there!

On the third day, I passed several strands of impacted fecal matter, which looks like an inside/out version of the intestine… long 8-10” rope-like brown/black thickly twisted stands, very hard with attached clumps of old very hard matter. So I thought, “This is great! How wonderful to have this out of me … a fantastic 3 day cleanse!”

…and I thought I was done.

Then on the fourth day, I resumed eating with some light fruit and a salad. About 2:00 pm, I then passed the longest length of what resembled a very dark and foul smelling mucoidal plaque sleeve… so I thought, “Yikes, there’s more in there… I’m not done after all.” Well, then I called the company, signed up as an affiliate because I knew I would also be selling this to others, and had you rush me out another 3 Day Cleanse so I could continue. I continued to pass more and more of the impacted fecal matter ropes.

I noted that the old matter slid out easily by means of the palm oil fiber and the drinks kept me filled up. I was not hungry, and I did get a little bloated occasionally before a movement, but it all came out.

One suggestion, although not necessary, is to get a colonic after the cleanse, or simply do a home enema. This procedure cleans you out that much faster after the palm oil fiber has done its work in loosening everything up.

Bryant, I have to say I was shocked and excited at the same time that these things were coming out of me. You see, I know that having these old poisons inside oneself is the root cause to serious illness of all kinds: colon cancer, diverticulitis, impaired digestion, etc., so I am truly thankful for your bringing this cleanse to our awareness. I have done this cleanse several times and will now make this part of my life on a quarterly basis. I feel lighter even in an emotional way, am very regular, gas and bloating is gone, and I have more energy and a flatter stomach.

This product is amazing! It truly does what others say it does and I think everyone should do this at least a couple times each year for maintenance. Thank you very much … I truly appreciate your bringing this product to my attention!

Martha Evarts, CT
(Certified Colon Hydrotherapist)

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