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Testimonials | 3 Day Cleanse | So Easy Cleanse | Mucoid Plaque

Iris and Ben lose 18+ pounds in using the 3 Day Cleanse

Iris Ben Testimonial

The “So Easy” 3-day Colon Cleanse was, just that – easy! It was actually fun too! Imagine that.

Iris and I started the 3-day cleanse on a Monday. Prior to the cleanse, we started a 2-day regimen with vegetable juice, green apples, and a light meal in the evening(home-made black beans) for fiber. After starting the actual cleanse, it was surprisingly filling; we both had little to no hunger cravings. The taste was fine and after the second day in the “cleansing” bowel movements started to occur. Iris was able to continue the cleanse comfortably even at work. We were both shocked at what we had seen in the toilet! When the first bowel movement of the cleanse occurs, you don’t even realize that it’s going to be different. When you go, there is a great sense of relief and there is no real exertion needed. When we finished, we felt like we could move more fluidly and dance, so we did. Altogether the cleanse was amazing! Iris and I each lost 18-20lbs when doing the 3 day cleanse.

We highly recommend it to anyone and feel that it is the most thorough colon cleanse from the inside out. Thank you Bryant! You are the Best ever!

Benjamin & Iris

TWO People Who Lost 10 Pounds Of Waste in 3 Days

yelena testimonial
I ordered a 3-day cleanse system from you about 2 weeks ago. First of all, I would like to thank you for such an amazing product, which I will be recommending to all my friends and family. As well, today I purchased my second set. I lost 10 pounds that I could not loose for the past 2 years since I had my baby!!! Of course, you must know the feeling of being free from inside out, energized and simply happy. It was not entirely easy dieting process, since I had to work, take care of the child, etc… However, I believe that it was one of the most productive, fast and healthy cleansing experiences I ever did. Thank you!

Yelena Lovkina

scott testimonial

Just finished the 3-day cleanse and I lost 10 lbs of crap – disgusting rubber like stuff that was encrusted on my colon for years!!! It’s now Wednesday and I have never been this happy. My patients say they think I’m on speed; I’m walking around humming with so much increased energy it’s ridiculous. I’m so active and have so much energy anyway, this just adds fuel to the fire. I couldn’t believe how much stuff was coming out of my colon. The last night of the cleanse I only slept approximately 2 hours because every 10 minutes I was up to the bathroom to expel more stuff.

Dr. Scott

Here’s What Came Out of ACTUAL 3 Day Cleanse Customers

WARNING! These photos are not for the weak stomached.

“Barbara’s Story (and Photo) reveals what is inside us and that the 3-day cleanse removes quickly, easily and better
than anything else…period”

A Total of 167 Inches (14 Feet) in 5 Days!

Barbara’s (a retired school teacher from Kansas) Testimonial and Shocking Photo

barbara's story photo
I took the product and on the first day I removed a 27-inch strand. The day after the cleanse I got very hot and had the urge to go to the bathroom. I felt like I was having a baby. When I got home, I released a 21-inch long rubbery thread-like strand. But it  didn’t stop there. On the third day, I released another 21-inch strand early in the morning and an hour later a 27-inch mucous strand. And into the afternoon the same day I removed yet another 29-inch strand and a 9-inch strand. Then I called Bryant early the next morning and reported releasing another 18-inches. And at 5 pm the same night another 14-inches.

I also lost 4 inches off my waist.

That’s a Total of 172 inches (about 15 feet)! The picture I sent shows a total of 86 inches of fecal matter.

YES it’s true: Barbara B. from Wichita, Kansas had a healing breakthrough that shocked her family and her neighbors. She tried my 3 Day Colon Cleanse and removed over 15 feet and years of buildup from her digestive tract in only 3 days.

I remember she called me for THREE mornings straight VERY early screaming “Bryant More Came Out!” One morning she was so nervous, because her family told her intestines were coming out. I silently laughed, but soothed her fears and explained that she was releasing over 50 years of accumulation from a typical American diet low in fiber and high in glue-like things such as white flour, dairy, potatoes, etc.

Bryant Meyers, The 3 Day Colon Cleanse

michael testimonial 2Michael G TestimonialSeveral months ago, Bryant posted some info and testimonies about the “So Easy Cleanse” for releasing Mucoid Plaque. I had to get it. After receiving it, I put off doing it for months and let it just sit around. Finally, I decided it was time to stop avoiding this and give it a shot and boy was I impressed. In the first two days, I passed over 123 inches of brown frown. My total elimination was over 135 inches. It was so smooth and supple. It wasn’t hard for me to control, no pain, nor did I have to use the bathroom 8 times a day like having diarrhea. I highly recommend trying this… You’ll be thankful after releasing so much encrusted filth. Thanks so much Bryant for your time, effort and probing the realm of truth. A+

Michael G., Mukwonago, WI

Lonnie C's Testimoniallonnie testimonial 2I must admit I started the cleanse with some doubt. I have been eating very well for the last two years. Mostly raw foods like, green drinks, salads, smoothies, and good probiotics. So you can see why I had a hard time believing I had this stuff in my system. This was the easiest cleanse I’ve ever done. I never felt fatigued during this time, so it didn’t interfere with my work. There were a total of three eliminations in four days. The first one was on day two around 8:00 p.m. I was at work so I didn’t have a camera or measuring tape. I estimated that it was very close to what you see in these pictures. The second was on day four (after the cleanse) around 1:00 p.m., which you can see in the pictures I provided. You’re looking at over 5 feet of mucoid plaque. The third elimination was that same day around 3:00 p.m., and was about half the amount. I suggest taking pictures for anyone doing the cleanse, because they speak for themselves. I believe the key to this cleanse is being properly hydrated and following the instructions as it is laid out. I plan on doing this cleanse 3 to 4 times a year.

Lonnie C., Brownsboro TX

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