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Testimonials 3 | 3 Day Cleanse | So Easy Cleanse | Mucoid Plaque

Steven and Maureen TestimonialsSteven’s story: I have suffered with chronic fatigue, painful muscles, weak connective tissue and inflammation for most of my adult life. I believed these conditions were caused by “leaky gut syndrome.” I used many colon cleansing strategies and probiotic products, supplements, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, with only limited results. I had doubts the three day cleanse would work for me or that I would get the same results as others I read about on this website. I was amazed when the plaque lining came out starting the very first day. I had very little hunger, with no cramping. My assimilation of supplements went way up with immediate improvement of all aforementioned symptoms. I continue to improve daily.

Maureen’s story: I would like to share my phenomenal experience with the 3 Day So Easy Cleanse. I have a lifetime history of colon problems, literally existing since birth. I was astonished the product delivered all it promised, and then some! Not only did the entire mucoid lining release over the three day period, I experienced a sensation of “brightness” about myself, like a veil or fog being lifted to the extent of even my vision seeming clearer. That was a totally unexpected healing bonus. Thank you Bryant, so glad I found these products.

Baer TestimonialBaer is a 43-year young raw foodist of four years. She writes:

I had wanted to do a major clean-out of my intestines for years. Already a thin woman, I was concerned about losing too much weight. I was assured that everything would be okay, and support was just a phone call away. At Bryant’s suggestion, I did a precleanse to get out any loose food residue. I chose to do the lemonade diet for seven days, then I began the 3 Day So Easy Cleanse Program. I liked the variety packs of wheatgrass, then the shakes of vanilla and chocolate. The first day I was up all night eliminating the smelliest stuff. The next two days there was less of an odor, but the rubbery matter started to break off and be released from my body. It wasn’t necessarily in long strands, but was the circumference of a pencil, and distinguishable from the gelatinous So Easy Cleanse product. Indeed, it varied from white to brown. The last day of the cleanse, the eliminated matter was rubbery and had the shape of the colon in areas.

Wow! I plan to do the cleanse again in the spring, and biannually there after. By the way, I did lose several pounds, but within a week and a half I gained back healthy weight with exercise, good food, rest and staying hydrated. Thanks Bryant for your support!

Baer, in SC

GM TestimonialAfter participating in this colon cleansing program, I am very pleased with the results. Immediately following the use of the supplements I was able to get out approximately five feet of colon plaque and noticed a weight loss of seven pounds. The longer term results have included a more regular bowel cycle, less bloating, and a slight reduction in abdominal bulge.

As a side benefit, the program helped me to recognize and reduce my dependence on caffeine, which has contributed to more restful sleep and less daily fatigue.

I would highly recommend the cleansing program, and I plan to use the product again in the future.

G. M. Los Angeles, CA

Eric H TestimonialI am thoroughly impressed with the 3 Day So Easy cleanse. I have tried numerous colon cleansing programs and found this one to be the easiest to do with successful results. On the first day of drinking the shakes, I had 5 larger than normal bowl movements. It moved out more than anticipated amounts of excess fecal matter out of my colon! I was amazed out how much stuff came out! This stuff really works. I recommend it to all my clients who are in need of colon cleansing (which is just about all of them).

Eric Huffman
CEO of Healing Samurai Co. and Japanese Foot Reflex Specialist

Donna TestimonialRegarding the 3 Day So Easy cleanse…

I tried this and it does work!! I removed about 8 feet of mucoid plaque, give or take. Pictures coming soon, when I get them developed.  I would suggest that EVERYONE do this! Now I want to do the this 3 Day So Easy cleanse again. I feel like I can get even more out. I’m resolving to drink more water since doing the So Easy cleanse.

EVERYONE! Do this please! Your health will improve!


With the utmost sincerity, I thank you for introducing me to the 3 Day SoEasy Colon Cleanse. Having run the gamut of cleansing programs over the past six years, I can say with confidence that the SoEasy Cleanse is the most effective program I’ve experienced. The cleanse was extremely gentle: no stomach cramps or bloating, and my eliminations were regular but not excessive. I began passing mucoid plaque on the evening of the first day and continued to do so until the morning of day four. I believe at least 12 feet of plaque made the exodus from my body, surprising – as my diet as been pretty clean since the turn of the century. Another major plus to the 3 Day So Easy is its brevity – 3 days is a cake walk compared to a 2-4 week program, meaning most people can muster up the discipline to complete this cleanse.

After the cleanse, I feel that I’m absorbing food more effectively and have tended to my “intestinal garden” with freshly turned soil.

Overall, I think the 3 Day SoEasy Colon Cleanse is an excellent way for people to reclaim their colons from the processed food industry who have hijacked the bellies of some many. Much love, much respect, and keep shining!

Peter Lynn
The Conscious Beverage Company

Dear Bryant,

Thank you so much for introducing me to the 3 Day So EASY cleanse! I feel fantastic after doing it and am finally convinced that mucoid plaque does exist, because I expelled quite a bit of it (and still am two days later.)

At first I was worried that the plaque was really just the guar gum mixed with some of my normal fecal matter. But because I fasted for two days prior to the cleanse and watched the plaque come out after five days with normal food, I am confidant that this plaque was actually decayed waste.

I will be sure to recommend this cleanse to both my mother and grandmother, although neither of them has ever purposefully gone a day without solid food. I wish you lots of luck in spreading the word about the cleanse, and will be sure to try it again in six months.

Elina Frina

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