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Testimonials 2

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Testimonials 2 | 3 Day Cleanse | So Easy Cleanse | Mucoid Plaque

saint-marie testimonial
Dear Bryant,

Thank you for providing the products for the 3 day cleanse. At first, I thought that I did not get any results. But after the 2 days of diet change, 3 days of the cleanse, and 2 more days of coming off the diet, I got some dramatic results. My colon just opened up and what was many years of a constipation problem has majorly shifted for me. I have now added a 100% raw diet that will compliment this cleanse perfectly. I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue to create a glowing clean colon organ.

NOTE: I have done many colon cleanses for over 30 years. This one has made such a difference.

Mary Saint-Marie

melanie testimonialI had no idea my intestine walls were being obstructed by mucoid plaque. After finishing the 3 day cleanse, I felt more energetic, I had regular BM’s, and the bloated feeling I had went away. I’ve always been thin, but I had a small pouch that just wouldn’t go away. By the third day my stomach was flat. This is truly a great product!Thanks Bryant,

Melanie, Los Angeles, CA

bill's testimonialBryant,This is my second order and have never felt better — I lost about 3 inches off my waist and 12 lbs total; my goal is to weigh 210-215 and I have 15 to go!

Take care, Bill

shawna testimonialThe 3 Day So Easy Cleanse was really wonderful! I was able to “let go” of 10-15 feet of mucoid plaque in only 3 days! It was super easy to do, I was never hungry, and I feel a lot lighter after doing it. I would recommend this cleanse to anyone who wants to clean out old debris and feel a lot healthier. I can tell that my nutrient absorption has increased tremendously as my appetite has decreased quite a bit. Also, I don’t get that bloated feeling after meals, like I sometimes do with raw foods. I am so glad that I did this cleanse. I will definitely be doing it every year!Thanks Bryant!

Shawna, California

Heather Mees TestimonialAfter being vegan over twenty years and raw vegan for two, I wasn’t sure if I still had any stuff in my colon. Boy was I wrong! I hadn’t been feeling very well for a while and thought I would give this a shot — I am sure glad I did. It was so simple to do and worked for me on the third and forth day. I don’t know how much rubbery stuff came out (I was at work!), but it was A LOT! I feel better and am not so hungry all the time! Thank you.”

Heather Mees, Las Vegas

lisa l testimonialHi Bryant,

After doing the cleanse, I felt lighter, stronger, healthier and younger than ever!

Thank you, Bryant!

Lisa L.
Ojai, Ca

Lisa B TestimonialI did the 3 Day Colon Cleanse and I got a LOT of rubbery-like, mucous debris out of my colon. I lost 7 lbs over the 3-5 days of the cleanse. It was very gentle and didn’t disrupt my life at all. No cramping or “emergency” bathroom situations. I would definitely recommend this cleanse to anyone who wants to experience better colon health.

Lisa B., Plano, TX

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