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Peter Lynn’s Testimonial

/Peter Lynn’s Testimonial
Peter Lynn’s Testimonial 2018-06-08T02:43:31-08:00

With the utmost sincerity I send you thanks for introducing me to the SoEasy Colon Cleanse. Having run the gamut of cleansing programs over the past six years I can say with confidence that the SoEasy Cleanse is the most effective program I’ve experienced. The cleanse was extremely gentle, no stomach cramps or bloating and my eliminations were regular but not excessive. I began passing mucoid plaque on the evening of the first day and continued to do so until the morning of day four. I believe at least 12 feet of plaque made the exodus from my body, surprising, as my diet as been pretty clean since the turn of the century. Another major plus to the SoEasy is its brevity, 3 days is a cake walk compared to a 2-4 week program, meaning most people can muster up the discipline to complete this cleanse.

After the cleanse I feel that I’m absorbing food more effectively and took the opportunity to replant my intestinal garden on freshly turned soil.

Overall, I think the SoEasy Colon Cleanse is an excellent way for people to reclaim their colons from the processed food industry who have hijacked the bellies of some many . Much love, much respect and keep shining!

Peter Lynn
The Conscious Beverage Company

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