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Hi Bryant,

I hope that this email finds you having a wonderful day. I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUUCH!!!!!!! for introducing me to such a fantastic product.

The results were absolutely amazing, I couldn’t believe that a cleanse as easy as this one could produce the results in that short of a period of time whilst other cleanses take months to do. As for the so called mucoid plaque that others are skeptical about, well it certainly does exist, I got resuts on the 2nd day of the cleanse and altogether I removed about 8 feet of it, simply amazing still going “oh my goodness that was festering inside of me YUCK!!!!!!.

This cleanse didn’t stop me from doing any of my normal activities. I felt a bit tired and nauseous with cramping the first day but I knew it was just the cleanses doing what it was supposed to do and that was to release all that plaque. I will certainly do the cleanse on a regular basis.

For those who think the price is outrageous I say to them that it is well worth every penny I spent on it to get such wonderful results.

Thanks again Bryant for all your help AND PERSONAL 1 ON 1 I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!!!!!!

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