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Louise Larson Testimonial

/Louise Larson Testimonial
Louise Larson Testimonial 2018-06-08T02:47:14-08:00

Hi Mr Byrant,

Now, I am a bit more comfortabled in my abdomen. one 6inch ribbon and one 6inch string and that was the third night after all the packets and water were drank. plenty of debris each night. I know it came to 3 pounds as I weighed before and after. I was measured before but not after.

That tight binding is now a loose flexible feeling in my abdomen so I am comfortable and want to repeat it. I knew I could do it because my daily water intake has reached 3 liter bottles of filtered water for some time now. My ravenous appitite has also been decreased from the so easy cleanse and I am discussing it with others, too now.


Louise Larson

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