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Elina Frina’s Testimonial

/Elina Frina’s Testimonial
Elina Frina’s Testimonial 2018-06-04T02:57:25-08:00

Dear Bryant,

Thank you so much for introducing me to the So EASY cleanse! I feel fantastic after doing it and am finally convinced that muciod plaque does exist, because I expelled quite a bit of it (and still am two days later.)

I was worried at first that the plaque was really just the guar gum mixed with some of my normal fecal matter, but since I fasted two days prior to the cleanse and watched the plaque come out after five days without non-cleanse food, I am confidant that the plaque is actually decayed waste.

I will be sure to recomend this cleanse to both my mother and grandmother, although neither of them has ever purposfully gone a day without solid food. I wish you lots of luck in spreading the word about the cleanse, and will be sure to try it again in six months.

Elina Frina

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