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Here’s What Came out Of ACTUAL 3 Day Cleanse Customers

WARNING! This photo are not for the weak stomached.

“Barbara’s Story (and Photo) reveals what is inside us that the 3-day cleanse removes quickly, easily and better
than anything else…period”

A Total of 167 Inches (14 Feet) in 5 Days!

Barbara’s (a retired school teacher from Kansas) Testimonial and Shocking Photo

barbara's story photo
I took the product and on the first day I removed a 27-inch strand. The day after the cleanse I got very hot and had the urge to go to the bathroom. I felt like I was having a baby. When I got home I released a 21-inch long rubbery thread-like strand. But I didn’t stop there. On the third day I released another 21-inch strand early in the morning and an hour later a 27-inch mucous strand. And into the afternoon the same day I removed yet another 29-inch strand and a 9-inch strand. Then I called Bryant early the next morning and reported releasing another 18-inches. And at 5 pm the same night another 14-inches.

I also lost 4 inches off my waist.

That’s a Total of 172 inches (about 15 feet)! The picture was measured as a total of 86 inches of fecal matter.

YES it’s true, Barbara B. from Witchita Kansas had a healing breakthrough that shocked her family and her neighbors. She tried my 3 Day Colon Cleanse and removed over 15 feet and years of buildup from her digestive tract in only 3 days.

I remember she called me for THREE straight mornings VERY early screaming “Bryant More Came Out!”. One morning she was so nervous, because her family told het her intestines were coming out. I silently laughed, but soothed her fears and explained that she was releasing over 50 years of accumulation from a typical Amercan diet low in fiber and high in glue-like things such as white flour, dairy, potatoes, etc.

Bryant Meyers, The 3 Day Colon Cleanse