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Baer TestimonialBaer is a 43-year young raw foodist of four years. She writes:

I had wanted to do a major clean out of the intestines for years. But, already being a thin woman, was concerned about losing too much weight. I was assured that everything would be okay, and support was a phone call away. At Bryant’s suggestion, I did a precleanse (or colonics) to get out any loose food residue. That is, I chose the lemonade fast for seven days, then begin the So Easy Cleanse Program. I liked the variety packs of wheatgrass, then the shakes of vanilla and chocolate. The first day I was up all night eliminating the smelliest stuff. The next two days there was less of an odor, but the rubbery matter started to break off and be released from my body. It wasn’t necessarily in long strands, but was the circumference of a pencil, and distinguishable from the gelatinous So Easy Cleanse product. Indeed, it varied from white to brown. The last day of the cleanse the eliminated matter was rubbe ry and had the shape of the colon in places.

Wow! I plan to do the cleanse again in the spring, and biannually there after. By the way, I did lose several pounds, but within a week and a half gained back healthy weight, with exercise, good food, rest and staying hydrated. Thanks Bryant for your support!

Baer, in SC

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